Originally I am a well-trained and experienced psychotherapist and holistic life coach since 2006, but I now also offer Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) as designed by Blue Marsden.

What is Soul Transformation Therapy (STT)?

In STT I will use a soul Archetype Tarot deck to diagnose firstly your polarity (we are all affected by polarity challenges here on Earth) and then focus on the specific issue that you are currently dealing with. This can often block you from more fully connecting with your purpose, potential, soul plan and happiness here.  STT contains elements of some of the most effective ancient and modern healing techniques. The system starts from a premise that all our modern ailments are essentially emanating from a sense of separateness and through a method akin to Jungian synchronicity and tarot we can diagnose the clients or seekers' specific core issues.

The healing interventions to clear or resolve issues may typically include methods based on trauma release, energy psychology, shamanic soul retrieval, archetype and subpersonality work as well as good old-fashioned counselling techniques to draw unconscious blocks into conscious awareness. The ultimate aim of STT is freeing you from the limiting unconscious patterns of separation that lie behind most 'issues' and revealing a greater sense of awareness, freedom and liberation.

I offer online, telephone and face-to-face consultations in Central London. My practice is safe, non-judgemental and confidential.





10 Harley Street

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