I have been a therapist for 7 years now, with many challenges along the way but thankfully more rewards.

My business name is Serenity Holistics Wellness (long one) but people kept nicking 😉 same name so I added Wellness.

Along came March 2020 with my business having to close this was tough on me but tougher on my clients who so desperately find therapists a lifeline. Then in May 2020 has seen me close my doors in my little treatment room for the very last time, and take on my next venture with bigger premises easy ? (Have you ever looked tradesmen) 😲in a little village not far from my last place, so I had to get my business head on and come up with a new name, just for the premises as It is my plan to invite other Therapists along to enhance what I do and be better equipped to serve out community in which I live.

Now again October 2020 we got the handbrake pulled once again and now I am plotting & planning away behind the scenes for 2021 as I will officially celebrate opening the doors at Newage Wellness center when I know then more than ever we will be in high demand and better equipped to do what we love, for me that is 100% helping people become the best version of themselves, by walking their own path with a gentle nudge here & there from me along the way.

I truly love looking back just to see haw far I have come, and wait with excitement on the adventures that lie ahead in 2021.

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