Are you looking for bereavement support that can provide you with a safe space to express your grief? Where you will never feel judged, encouraged to ‘move on’ or told ‘your loved one would want you to be happy’?

I'm a holistic grief coach, BANT nutritional therapist and ILM accredited wellbeing coach - here’s what I can offer: Grief can sometimes be a very isolating experience but I believe it can make a marked difference if you talk to someone who, through their own similar experience, can truly understand your pain, who can provide not only heartfelt compassion but also practical advice, coping skills and strategies for emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

I will adapt sessions to you as an individual. So, if you need help with some of the physical symptoms that can manifest after a loss – such as insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches etc – I can advise in my capacity as a nutritional therapist.

If it feels to you that you’re on a different page in the grieving process to that of another family member and this is concerning you and affecting your relationship, then I bring in my family dynamics training.

I’m also aware that sometimes grievers want to talk about the spiritual aspect of losing someone but often don’t feel they can. I am very comfortable exploring this with you, without judgement.

Please visit my website for further details:

I am so grateful to have found Vanessa’s unique form of bereavement support. She adapts her sessions to whatever you need and she is a kind and empathetic sounding boardI found I could really trust her because she has gone through traumatic grief herself. She understood how I felt and that to me made such a difference” Natalie, London

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