Hello! :)

I'm Ani and I have been practicing as a trained professional ethical Touch and Cuddle Therapist for over 2 years. I pride myself on making a positive impact on people's lives, which I find very rewarding. I am a warm, open person who believes in the therapeutic power of touch, as has become especially evident in our recent COVID times.

Cuddle Therapy is a holistic experience through a combination of warm social communication, authentic connection and therapeutic platonic touch, which helps relieve stress, reduce anxiety, depression and loneliness amongst other health benefits.

Cuddle Therapy includes platonic touch so stroking, caressing, tickling, light scratching, hair playing, hand holding, hugging are many of the interactions included.

Do you ever feel that all you need is for someone to be present with you, to listen to you, and hold you? This is exactly what cuddle therapy is. I offer you a safe and comfortable space to receive nurturing touch and unconditional love. I will guide you through the experience, making sure that you are comfy every step of the way. If you would like to, I will cuddle you, caress you, hold your hands and rub your back.

Join me and dive into an experience, which will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and more at peace than you’ve ever been.

I also provide Life Coaching on Personal Development and how to Thrive in Life rather than just surviving.

Feel free to reach out.

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