Stuck in a cycle of anxiety, stress, trauma and emotional dis-stress?

Ready to move forwards in life, and find your calm & confident self?

Want to create deep and lasting transformation in your life, relationships, health and wellbeing, career or businesses?

Yearn to heal and release the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in painful patterns of resistance and fear of change?

Willing to take empowered and compassionate action, creating space for change, in ways that work for you, your life, your business or career?


You do! Then you're in the right place.


Hello, I'm Gill Pinnington, a highly experienced Therapeutic Coach, Energy Intuitive, Teacher and Course Facilitator.


For more than a decade, I've been transforming people's lives using a magical blend of evidence-based Energy Psychology and Somatic Psychotherapuetic techniques.

Year after year, I have the joy of facilitating the healing journey of so many beautiful souls.


My Calmer You 1-1 Coaching Intensive brings together the most potent tools and techniques to bring about deep and lasting change; the very ones that transformed my own life beyond recognition (just as they will yours!).


At the end of the 12 week Calmer You 1-1 Coaching Intensive, you will

  • feel calmer and emotionally stronger
  • be more loving and compassionate with yourself
  • identify the root of your anxiety/stress & how to release it
  • create space for calm - and for you - in your life
  • have a personalised resilience toolkit
  • develop a Daily Self Loving Practice
  • listen to and follow your intuition you can navigate all that comes along, and continue changing your life for the better.


Client Love...

"It's been so empowering and helped me create time for myself. I've noticed my energy shift and I feel more confident."

"My mind is always all over the place and within a few minutes of heart breathing it was like all static inteference stopped and I felt clarity for the first time in years.  And it's only week one!"

"The course has been revealing. I'm now aware of unhelpful patterns and have learned so much. I feel like my brain is full of good stuff!"

"I feel inspired and relieved. It's been an emotional journey as it was all new to me. It's so good to know I'm not alone with all this."


I would LOVE you to also experience the deep and lasting change that previous clients have.

You deserve to live your best life, so take the plunge, contact me today.

Speak soon!



More information - HERE



Marina, Hastings, Saint Leonards-on-sea, UK

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